About the Breeder

Zara Logan


I was born into an animal loving family. My life has been centered around the animals in our home from dogs to cats to ferrets to chinchillas to horses and now even includes my pet pig, Bacon. My mom has run an animal rescue organization for the past 20 years so there’s just never been a time I didn’t have an animal rehabilitating or whelping or just hanging out in my home waiting to find a new fur-ever home. Animals have always been at the center of my life.

A few years ago, I met a Doodle and it was love at first sight. I was hooked. After having helped whelp and raise well over 100 litters of rescue dogs, I began to explore the idea of breeding Doodles. I grew up with a fabulous Old English Sheepdog named Pub and the idea of producing non-shedding “Pubs” well, that was just the beginning of the dream. 

One day, Sacha came to help at our rescue adoption event. She had two Doodles of her own and suddenly our conversations began to evolve around how we could create and raise amazing Doodles that were genetically and behaviorally sound. I had vast experiences, a family that supported me and suddenly it wasn’t so much just a pipe dream. Sacha and I put our resources together, began to read anything we could about breeding and a year later the dream has become a reality.